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  Qatar Charity conducted last year 1648 project in Bangladesh
by Adli Al-Baraqouni-humanityvoice - 2010-04-05

Dekah, Bangladesh capital - Archived

Qatar Charity has completed 1648 development and charitable project in Bangladesh to the benefit of around 751 thousand person during the last year with a total cost of Q.R.8 million.

In a statement of Mohammad Ameen Hafez, the Director of Qatar Charity in Bangladesh yesterday said that the implementation of those projects comes within the planned and programmed efforts exerted by Qatar charity in developing local societies and its contribution in providing these societies with their needs of different services.

Mohammed Hafez added that the implemented projects covered a variety of fields like education, culture, health, waters, and other productive and seasonal projects, pointing out that priority, in Bangladesh, was given to orphan sponsorship and teachers.

He explained that Qatar charity is actually sponsoring 1287 orphan and provide them with all sorts of care like food, shelter, treatment, education, and clothing. He pointed out that they have at present four orphanages that were established by Qatar charity in Bangladesh : Doha Orphinage (400 orphans), Khubaib Center, Sheikh Hamad Ibn Ali Ibn Jaber al-Thani Orphanage -150 persons, and Zubaida Orphinage, adding that the charity provide those orphans with health food, vaccinations and medical check-ups , as well as direct medical services and treatment.

In the educational field, Mr. Hafez said that Qatar Charity has enrolled all its sponsored orphans in regular schools and provided them with all necessary stationary and scholastic needs like the uniforms, sport costumes , beside following up their study situation periodically in their schools, adding that the charity is also sponsoring 42 teachers to help those orphans.

As for the construction projects, Mr.Hafez said that the charity has established two multi-purpose compounds in rural areas, pointing out that each compound consists of a school, a mosque, a dispensary, in addition to other service facilities.

He elaborated that 146 mosques have been established so far with a total cost of Q.R. 5 million and to the benefit of more than 25 thousand persons, while the charity has drilled 162 water wells of potable water to the benefit of about more than 26 thousand persons.

Mr.Hafez , the Director of Bangladesh office of Qatar Charity, also said that within the framework of empowering needy families and make them self-dependent economically , the charity conducted a number of productive projects to the benefit of 400 families through providing them with farms for milking cows and cattle fattening, in addition of small restaurants, vehicles, vegetable farms, and commercial projects.

As concerning the seasonal projects, Qatar Charity has conducted three seasonal projects during the last year 2009 like fast- breaking projects in Ramadan month, Zakat (alums) of Eid Al-Fiter, and sacrifice meat of Eid Al-Adha to the benefit of more than 250 thousand persons .

Its worth to mention to conclude, that since its establishment in Bangladesh, Qatar Charity had conducted more than 4000 projects with a total cost of Q.R. estimated at 70 million.


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