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Wednesday 23rd of April 2014
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  Preparations are afoot to welcome Freedom Flotilla to break Gaza siege
by Adli Al-Baraqouni-humanityvoice - 2010-04-29

Preparations are afoot to welcome Freedom Flotilla in Gaza

Preparations in the Gaza Strip are afoot to celebrate and welcome the biggest sea convoy that will reach its seaport early next month carrying different items of relief material hoping such assistance will help in alleviating the suffering of its residents under the brutal siege since more than three years.

As for the details and preparations in Gaza to welcome the said convoy, Dr. Ahmad Yousef, the political adviser at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza, has reaffirmed that all arrangements were completed to celebrate the arrival of this important relief convoy.

He told “ Humanityvoice” that talks are going on with the coordinators of the convoy, day and night, to facilitate the arrival and entry of the convoy to Gaza Strip, and to welcome its members and provide them with all necessary support.

Thousand comers :
Some supporters of breaking the Gaza siege

Gaza Free Movement had announced few days ago its intention to lead a sea convoy under the name of “ Freedom Flotilla “ to the Gaza Strip with the participation of many Turkish and European humanitarian institutions.

Mr. Yousef said that “ This time we are talking about a big number of supporters and relief , as we have 8 vessels and this might increase to more than ten with about one thousand comers.

He elaborated "Consequently we should be ready at all levels to welcome the biggest sea convoy in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip".

Mr.Yousef added that more than 50 MPs representing various European countries will be coming on board of these vessels to view the volume of the humanitarian catastrophe, in addition to hundreds of legal figures also participating in this convoy coming from different countries.

Commitment to the message :

The vessels will be carrying big quantities of foodstuff, medicine, and construction materials to contribute in rebuilding what have been destroyed by the Israeli occupation during its last savage war on the Gaza Strip (Dec.,-Jan. 2009 ).

During the Israeli war some 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including about 300 children, and hundreds of other unarmed civilians, including more than 115 women and 85 men aged over 50 .

Mr. Yousef did not rule out that Israel will try to obstruct the sea convoy, while he emphasized the importance of the commitment to deliver the convoy’s message to reach Gaza and break the siege, especially that its mission is purely humanitarian.

He went on saying “ There is no way for the occupation but to abide by the demands of the participants and that any violation committed against them will be seen by the whole world.

He explained " we are confident that the media and popular pressure will help in enhancing the success of safe arrival of the convoy to Gaza “.

In a related context, the Minister of public works in Gaza caretaker government, Yousef Al-Manssy, said that the ministry started the second stage of developing and deepening Gaza seaport so that to allow the berth of big vessels , in addition of some maintenance works to celebrate that great event.

He explained that the restoration works of Gaza seaport are necessary to help in breaking the heinous Israeli siege and to allow the supporters debarking in a better mode.

Meanwhile The Popular Committee for Confronting the Siege announced its intention to organize a media campaign and a series of accompanying events to welcome the arrival of the convoy and to exert pressures on the Israeli side in case of obstructing the seaway of the convoy.

A big event :
A boat from Gaza to welcome the arrival of the sea convoy

In a statement received by Humanitvoice from the chairman of the popular committee, Jamal Al-Khudary reaffirmed that preparations are continued to organize the biggest celebration in the Gaza sea through the sailing of around 100 boats to welcome the arrival of the “ Freedom Flotilla”.

He added that the number of coming supporters so far, has reached 500 persons including prominent European and American figures , besides a number of journalists, physicians, academics , and political figures.

Mr.Arafat Madi, chairman of the European campaign to lift the siege of Gaza, has recently announced that the coalition that was formed and launched in Istanbul includes several organizations and institutions which will participate in breaking the Gaza siege.

He explained that the coalition includes the European campaign, the Turkish Humanitarian Relief (IHH), the Greek vessel campaign, the Swedish vessel, and the Gaza Free Movement as they will all participate in launching the Freedom Flotilla .


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