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  With Only a Few Pieces of Furniture Gabalia's Houses Full of Joy
Gabalia Refugee Camp, Hamada Hamada, - 2008-03-16

Workers during their work in the project

Gabalia refugee camp is known as the camp of challenges and resistance. It has continuously been subjected to Israeli attacks and massacre which are followed by destruction and total ruin. The Arab Doctors Union in Egypt outstretched its hands to help Palestinians to prepare and furnish houses damaged by Israeli attacks. This action has brought great happiness to the inhabitants of the camp, especially since most of the inhabitants in the camp are poverty stricken youths with a very limited income.

The Arab Doctors Union dedicated a sum of 8000 Euro to carry out this project. walked around the camp of Gabalia, and met some of those who have benefited from this venture. Abdullah El-Akhras, one of the residents, expressed his happiness at being provided with much needed furniture for his home. El-Akhras spoke sorrowfully, saying, "I used to have a beautiful house on which I spent my life savings to ensure my little family had a comfortable home that keeps us all together, but all of a sudden my dreams were lost because of the occupation forces. Huge parts of my home collapsed during the last invasion against the camp, destroying furniture and property. My family was left homeless, and if it was not for charitable people and their hospitality and support, I and my family would have remained in tents in the open air.

Mr. Ahmed El-Raay, one of those who have lost their jobs because of the occupation, was also happy to be provided with furniture for his bedroom along with chairs. He said that he had been praying to Allah to grant him a job through which he could buy necessities and furniture for his home. He has been provided with the furniture he needed thanks to Allah and to charitable people.

Another young man from among those who have benefited from this project said that with getting a bedroom suite, he was able to complete his wedding ceremony for which he had been waiting a long time. He could not get married earlier because he could not buy any furniture, as he is unemployed. He also added that he had been hopeless and was in doubt that he could complete his wedding, but because of charitable people, hope has returned as they helped him to overcome this huge obstacle that had been standing in his way to establish a new family and have a normal quiet life.

Zeinab El-Awawdah another resident said, "This project filled young and old people with joy and happiness. We were not able to buy such furniture even if we waited all our lives and this is due to the tragic economical circumstances we are living in where unemployment and losing sources that provide people with money are rampant. I wish charitable people would continue their support and aid for those who are in need through increasing the number of projects that increase the standard of living of Palestinians and continue helping them to overcome the difficulties of life and the obstacles they face.

Mrs. Khadijah, another resident of the camp, expressed her comfort and happiness at having new furniture through this charitable project. She sent her thanks and gratitude to the office of the World Assembly for Muslim Youth and the Arab Doctors Union as well as the Relief and Emergency Committee in Egypt for backing and supporting Palestinians. She also expressed her gratitude to all charitable people for all they have done for the inhabitants of the camp.

Reunion of Palestinian Families

A correspondent of conducted a meeting with Mr. `Abd El-Raheem `Abd El-Raouf El-`Abdela, manager of the Palestinian office of the World Assembly for Muslim Youth who has supervised the implementation of this project - to know the different stages and developments of the project from the very beginning when it was only an idea until it came to light and became a tangible reality that could be seen in the houses of Gabalia camp.

Mr. El-`Abdela pointed out that the idea of the project started when a notification was received by the office of the World Assembly for Muslim Youth from the Arab Doctors Union and the Relief and Emergency Committee in Egypt saying that they had raised the sum of 8000 Euro to participate in the project of providing some houses in the Gabalia camp in northern Gaza with furniture. The project was under the supervision of the Islamic Institution, which took part in implementing it. The office of the World Assembly for Muslim Youth prepared the necessary plans to carry out the project. Then the Islamic Institution was informed about the idea of the project, which in return counted those who were in need, those with a limited income, those who were poor, and those who has been harmed by the occupation and needed to re-establish their houses with furniture so as to render them livable.

El-`Abdela also added, "The needed pieces of furniture were bought to be distributed to the people; each according to his need. From the furniture that was needed were a number of bedrooms, salons, chairs and some other pieces of furniture. Ten families benefited from the project in addition to five more families who have received financial aid of about $400 to each family.

El-`Abdela also expressed his gratitude and thanks for the efforts made by the Arab Doctors Union in Egypt in supporting and aiding needy Palestinians in the occupied territories.

He continued, "We were extremely happy while distributing pieces of furniture and financial aid for those who were in need and were suffering in Gabalia refugee camp; as we feel the joy and happiness in their eyes for having such financial aid and furniture".

Mr. `Essam, chairman of the Islamic Institution in Gabalia camp, assured that the project was a lifebelt for many families who had been severely harmed under Israeli invasion or those whose houses had been razed to the ground. He also pointed out that the institution has found many families that need assistance and they offered them furniture and supplies to alleviate their pain and suffering.

Mr. Essam also explained that the social committee of the institution is studying these cases to know more about their standard of living and their needs, and then classifying them in levels according to their needs. He also mentioned that the institution is exerting every effort to provide such families with continuous financial aid, especially large families that have no source to live from or families whose breadwinner is unable to work due to chronic illness or disability.

Mr. Essam also pointed out that the project is being carried out according to a well-studied plan and in cooperation with other charity institutions inside and outside Palestine. Every now and then the institution distributes urgent aid to help those who are in need. This is especially so in times of crisis and invasions when hundreds of martyrs and wounded are left behind as well as tens of collapsed and destroyed houses. In addition thousands of meters of farm land has been swept away.

Although the help offered by the Arab Doctors Union succeeded in returning smiles to members of ten families in the Gabalia camp, there are still hundreds more families that seeking help after they became homeless and after the destruction of their houses and the sweeping away of their farm lands by the occupation forces. These families are in dire need of help and support to be able to re-build and re-establish what they have lost as well as to rebuild what has been damaged and destroyed by the occupation.

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With Only a Few Pieces of Furniture Gabalia's Houses Full of Joy

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