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  The convoy
By Adli Al-Baraqouni - Humanitarian Voice - 2011-11-22

Gaza welcomes the members of the convoy

The new comers to Gaza strip couldn’t hide their tears of joy once they entered to Gaza,while many of them prostrated to Allah, thanking him for permitting them to witness these historical moments, and enabling them to participate in mitigating the suffering of Gaza inhabitants, under the ongoing Israeli siege.

The joy of those comers has increased when seeing the reflection of their arrival to Gaza in the eyes of its inhabitants , who came in crowds to welcome their entering to the coastal enclave.

The convoy “ Spring of Freedom” of solidarity with the Palestinians to break Gaza siege, that entered via Rafah crossing, last Monday night, was escorted by more than 200 activists, scholars, and Parliamentarians from more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe , and the two Americas, headed by representatives of Arab revolutions of “ Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya”.

Saif Elddine Al-Taraboulsy, the coordinator of the Tunisian campaign said “ I have never felt this joy that flooded my spirit, except in these moment when I have entered to the land of beloved Gaza to contribute with those who came from various parts of the world in ending and breaking the siege of Gaza”.

He added that his happiness increased, because this was the first true handshaking between the Tunisian and Palestinian peoples, noting that “ during the recent years , the Tunisian people were excluded from the Palestinian issue and from the entire Arab-Israeli conflict…but since the start of the Tunisian revolution, we announce that we are wholeheartedly siding with the Palestinian people, and nothing would stop us from supporting the Palestinians and alleviate their suffering”.

It is worth mentioning that the convoy,carrying baby milk for newly born, would put the cornerstone for a number of infrastructure projects , in addition to its charitable and humanitarian activities, that would focus on children, and those with special needs, which is considered as the most vulnerable category in the community.

The convoy is also loaded with 4 tons of medicines and medical supplies, mostly those items that are missing from Gaza hospitals, in addition to electrical wheelchairs for those with special needs, and hundreds of power generators needed for Gaza health center.

Continuous support :

Dr. Saladin Sultan, chairman of The Egyptian Campaign of Advocacy with The Palestinian People, for his part, expressed his pride for “ this historical visit “ to contribute in the least of things and break the Israeli siege on Gaza and resist against the occupation that destroyed all life aspects in Palestine.

Dr.Sultan ,in statement to Amman based Humanitarian Voice, added that “ the participation of a delegation representing Arab revolutions, is a clear proof of the ongoing radical changes in the area” noting that “ the Israeli siege would be removed in the near future, and the Arab peoples would not leave Gaza dying without doing anything as if they are watching a tragic drama on the TV.”

He also revealed the formation of a new campaign under the title of “ The Popular Committee of Advocacy with Al-Quds in Egypt” that would participate in the one million man march rejecting Al-Quds Judaization”.

Dr.Sultan explained “ We have established this campaign to inform world community that we are against the Judaization of Al-Quds, and we reject the displacement of its population, and attempts to erase the Arab and Islamic identity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque “.

He reaffirmed that the million man march would announce its rejection to the Israeli decision aiming at demolishing Al-Magharebah Gate, noting that Israeli authorities would not be capable to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, and “as we came to Gaza today, we would be in Al-Quds to liberate it from the hands of the occupiers”.

Siege vanish :

Ahmad Hlial, member of the Al-Sunnah scholars, and one of the solidarity activists with the convoy “ Spring of Freedom” that arrived in Gaza, said that his entry to Gaza was like a dream that preoccupied his mind since some years..and now it is materializing , thanks to Allah Almighty, and to Arab revolts.

He went on saying “ all the Arab alphabet and world languages are incapable to reflect my joy and happiness to stand on the soils of glory Gaza, as I never dreamt to visit Palestine , the land of struggle and Jihad”.

He added “ We have repeatedly talked in various mosques, in international podiums , and on TV channels about Palestine and the suffering of its people due to the occupation and the blockade..but this time things will be different”.

Hilail pointed “ We have always hoped to contribute in mitigating the pains of the Palestinians , the young people and the elderly, who much suffered a lot due to the Israeli war machine”.

He explained “ Now we are effectively contributing in this issue, and this would not be our last visit , as we intend to continue coming till breaking and ending the siege away from all Palestinian lands”.

For his part, the chairman of The European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza, Arafat Maddy said “ the convoy is carrying many messages to Gaza citizens” to inform them that “ they you not alone , and that all free people of the world are supporting you, so don’t be sad or afraid , we will not leave you alone”.

Maddy expressed his thanks and appreciation to Egypt for the facilities being provided to the entry of the convoy, noting that the campaign would continue its efforts to organize more convoys to end the siege.

He concluded by saying that the people of Gaza were the first to trigger the Arab revolutions, and were the first to start the uprising against tyranny and oppression”.


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Roads to Hope , a new land convoy expected to arrive Gaza on 24th October
Lifeline 5 aid convoy will enter to Gaza Strip after tomorrow with its members
Tens of Lawyers from more than 20 countries to follow up the lawsuits raised against the Israeli
A new Libyan aid convoy dubbed Quds-5 heading for Gaza Strip soon
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