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Thursday 24th of April 2014
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  European aid convoy launches new qualitative projects in Gaza
Humanitarian Voice - 2012-02-28

European aid convoy launches new qualitative projects in Gaza

Organizers of the European aid convoy Wafaa for Palestine plan to open qualitative and vital projects in Gaza Strip during their current visit, coordinator of the convoy Amin Abu Rashed said.

Abu Rashed, who is also the head of the European initiative to remove the separation wall and settlements, told Quds Press that the convoy members would launch vital projects in the educational and health sectors.

He said that the convoy would equip a school for special needs especially after in a past visit the convoy organizers obtained a 100 dunum land for that project in Rafah.

He pointed out that the other project would be a special hospital that would detect early diseases of pre-born infants and pregnant women, adding that the project was very important in light of the Israeli forces use of internationally-banned chemicals in their latest war on Gaza.

The coordinator of the convoy said that support would be extended to the campaign to repair damaged houses in the coastal enclave.

The convoy organizers would finally contribute to building a dairy factory after the previously only one in Gaza was razed to the ground in the Israeli war on the Strip, Abu Rashed said, hoping that the new factory would provide work opportunities for the unemployed and would enable the Strip to be self-sufficient in this field.

He hoped that a root solution would be found for the power crisis in Gaza, urging Egypt to help end this crisis.

The convoy includes 75 foreign solidarity activists who are scheduled to remain in Gaza for a week.


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European aid convoy launches new qualitative projects in Gaza
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