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Thursday 24th of April 2014
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  42 $ millions from Islamic ,and international institutions to support Gaza Health sector
By Adli Al-Baraqouni - Humanity Voice - 2012-04-30

A hospital in Gaza Strip - archived

A number of official humanitarian organizations including Arab, Islamic ,and international institutions has pledged to support the health sector in Gaza Strip with a total amount of 42 million dollars.

This came during a conference organized by The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that was held in Cairo under the title of a tablet of medicine is equal to a life.

The pledges also covered scholarship to train 131 physicians, nurses, and maintenance engineers, including a physician to specialize on cochlea planting, beside training three other physicians in some rare specialties, in addition to treating a 100 case of cancer abroad and covering their treatment expenses for one year.

The pledges cover a 100 eye surgeries for one year , and making eye checks for 230 thousand students, while the Palestinian physician gathering in Europe has pledged to continue its service programs to the benefit of Gaza health sector.

The Islamic Relief has undertaken to support this project with five million dollars to purchase medicines, while the Union of Egypt doctors has pledged to donate 25 million Egyptian pounds, in addition to sending Egyptian physicians to treat Gaza patients, and Imdad institution of South Africa said it would donate two millions to support Gaza hospitals.

The Turkish Islamic relief pledged to carry out eye checks for 230 thousand Palestinian students, and to donate 50 thousand dollars to purchase the necessary power generators for some Gaza hospitals.

A number of Saudi humanitarian institutions pledged to continue the implementation of its projects in Gaza , and to complete equipping the radiology and oncology project of Prince Nayef to the benefit of the Palestinian people.

Qatar Charity pledged one million dollars to support Gaza health sector during a one year period, while the Qatari Red Crescent pointed that it is going on in implementing its projects in Gaza , with cost of 16 million dollars, in addition to medicine support worth of 200 thousand dollars.

The executive director of Human Appeal International of the UAE Ali Bin Ibrahim said that one of UAE factories pledged to provide 400 thousand bottle of medicine to transported to Egypt, then to Gaza through cooperation with the OIC.

For his part, the Public Relations, and media Director at Ramallah Health Ministry welcomed all these charitable pledges, calling the donors to coordinate with the health ministry to facilitate the entry of these medical relief to Gaza, and precise their nature.

He also explained that the PA is suffering from severe financial crisis, and that such support in the event of being coordinated with the ministry would significantly alleviate the suffering of the besieged Palestinian people.


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