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  The Jordanian aid convoy “Ansar II” concluded its solidarity visit to Gaza
By Adli Al-Baraqouni - Humanitarianvoice - 2012-05-24

The Jordanian aid convoy “Ansar II” concluded its solidarity visit to Gaza

The Jordanian aid convoy “Ansar II” has concluded its solidarity visit to Gaza Strip last Monday morning by visiting the Jordanian field hospital, and met with the hospital’s director Dr.Khaled Al-Ekkor.

The convoy’s delegation expressed its satisfaction and pride of the significant role played by the Jordanian hospital in supporting Gaza people, and in providing them with the necessary treatment.

Dr.Al-Ekkor acquainted the visiting delegation on the achievements of the hospital, while the “Ansar II” delegation awarded a honorary shield on behalf of the convoy to the hospital’s administration.

The convoy’s members, of 84 participants, then headed to Rafah crossing , and stayed for more than five hours, due to the arrangements of the Egyptian side, then they left to Al-Arish Airport.

The participants of “Ansar II” representing various professional associations, the Islamic movements, and civil society institutions have attended a ceremony at the ministry of culture, to mark the Nakba memory and to welcome the convoy’s visit to Gaza.

Some members of “ Ansar II” talked in this occasion and confirmed their the necessity of boosting the steadfastness and struggle of Gaza people, and the importance of raising the awareness regarding their cause, in addition to support Gaza morally and financially.

Talking about the most important achievements of the convoy, Wael Al-Saqa chairman of “ Ansar II” said that the aim was to break the sige of Gaza , and to raise media awareness about the situation in Gaza.

He added that the convoy also aimed at helping Gaza inhabitants, and support them with basic relief material , noting that the convoy brought medicines that are direly needed through coordination with the ministry of health.

He pointed that the convoy provided support for a number of small and developmental projects through concluding a number of contracts with specialized companies in this field, and through coordination with official authorities of Gaza.

Engineer Al-Saqa also said that the convoy put the foundation stone for a vocational training center in Khan Yunis valued at $25 thousand through cooperation with the Engineers Professional Association of Khan Yunis.

He explained that the total cost of projects supported by “Ansar II” is $250 thousand, noting that a special fund for supporting small developmental projects was established on basis of providing loans for the biggest number of small projects owners, to find jobs for citizens, and to boost the Palestinian economy.

For his part, Marwan Al-Addayla, executive member of the Islamic Front party, said that “ all what we have seen in Gaza can be summarized under the title of Willing to live and build, while continuing the struggle.

He confirmed that all Israeli attempts to break the will of Gaza people, through the siege and policies of starvation, have failed and were confronted by the steadfastness, and challenging of Gaza people.

He also pointed that the convoys of breaking Gaza siege would continue, whether by participating in international convoys, or through Jordanian convoys of Ansar, to express support and solidarity with Gaza people, and make them live in dignity, and continue their struggle against the occupation.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Jordanian agricultural engineers association , who are participating in the convoy, has visited the agricultural engineers association of Gaza, and provided a financial support of $15 thousand for a number of productive projects.

For his part Salman Al-Massaed , head of the health delegation in the convoy of “ Ansar II” said that a meeting was held with the Palestinian Minister of Health, Bassem Naim, and the two sides discussed the problem of medicine shortage in Gaza, and how to coordinate to provide these lacking medicines.

The woman delegation that accompanied the convoy also conducted a number of activities and visited wives of Palestinian prisoners and martyrs, in addition to visiting the association of Young women, and a kindergarten.

Khawlah Al-Hasasnah, and Sawsan Al-Olabi hailed the steadfastness of Gaza women , despite all the suffering and sacrifices in confronting the Israeli occupation.

For her part Siham Abdelkhaleq, visiting Gaza for the fourth time, underlined the importance of supporting Gaza people, noting that she established a productive kitchen project, through cooperation with a social institution in Gaza, in addition to establishing nurseries at Al-Aqsa University in Rafah, and some nurseries in Gaza, to help need families with the revenues of these projects.

Journalist Ali Frehaat, the secretary of Jordan Journalist association talked about the efforts of the media delegation that accompanied the convoy , and about the meeting held with the Journalist association of Gaza to discuss mechanism of providing training workshops for Gaza journalists.

He also hailed the efforts of Gaza journalists and their suffering due to the occupation attacks.

The delegation of Jordan Bar Association that consisted of lawyer Nasser Kamal, and lawyer Adel Al-Tarawneh have visited the Minister of Justice of Gaza caretaker government Muhammad Faraj, and the general prosecutor Abdelraouf Al-Halabi.

Nasser Kamal talked about some problems of Gaza judicial system, in terms of legal decrees or decisions issued and not being rectified by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, noting that a meeting for Palestinian lawyers will be held soon in Amman to discuss issues of mutual cooperation.

* Translated and edited by Adli Al-Baraqouni
from the Jordanian daily Assabeel.


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