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Thursday 24th of April 2014
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  Miles of smiles convoys have greatly supported Gaza medical sector
By Adli Al-Baraqouni - Humanitarianvoice - 2012-08-30

One of Miles of smiles convoys to Gaza delivering baby milk

Each time the aid campaign “Miles of Smiles” visits Gaza, it draws hundreds of smiles on faces of those of deprived and harmed people, most important of such activity, through its 15 convoys, were the humanitarian relief including hundreds of electric wheelchairs that were distributed for those with special needs.

The harmful impact of the criminal Israeli siege on the Palestinian handicapped is doubled, one is the lethal Israeli blockade, the second is the handicapping blockade that prevents him from moving to satisfy his basic needs.

The campaign of “Miles of Smiles” took on its shoulders, as being reaffirmed by official circles, the responsibility to grant those besieged children a hope to live, and help them to move by providing them with these developed wheelchairs which are direly needed for thousands of handicapped children in the coastal enclave.

Gaza Strip is still suffering from big shortage of electrical wheelchairs, especially with increasing rates of those with special needs aftermath the last Israeli war, during the winter of 2008-2009, that resulted in thousands of injured and handicapped.

Iman Salem, was one of tens of those children who benefited from “Miles of Smiles” wheelchairs, and got a new hope to live “ I wished that I were dead.. my life became nonsense after I lost my feet during the last war on Gaza..I couldn’t move or jump like other children..I felt very disappointed, and that I began to represent a heavy burden on my family…but thanks to this wheelchair, now, I feel much better, and can depend on myself”.

Besides Iman, “Miles of smiles” drew its smiles on hundreds of dramatic stories that tell about the pains and suffering of those with special needs, and the hardships they are encountering in every aspect of their daily life.

Su’ad Ibrahim, says that she feels very gratitude and extends her thanks to Miles of Smiles which helped her get rid of her ordeal that forced her to stay for months in her home.

Distinguished success :
Miles of smiles members expressed happiness to enter gaza

The convoys of “Miles of Smiles” have started heading to Gaza Strip on November, 2009 with the aim of drawing a smiles on faces of Gaza children, and to treat the pains of tens of its patients and deprived people, in addition to strengthen the steadfastness of its besieged people.

The ministry of health, in Gaza caretaker government, considered the “Miles of Smiles” convoys as the most successful in bringing and delivering medical assistance, and necessary relief material, as result of good coordination with the ministry regarding missed medicine and medical supplies direly needed in Gaza.

Munir Al-Barsh, the director of pharmaceutical department at the ministry said that “ the convoys were distinguished by the sort of medicine they brought to the ministry, like hereditary bleeding drugs, and drugs for cancer patients”.

He added that the “Miles of Smiles” convoy 1 consisted of 110 vehicles loaded with medical supplies and medical equipment, in addition to hundreds of electrical wheelchairs for special needs.

Al-Barsh pointed that “ these medicines were effective in their quality, in addition to (U-B-S) electrical chargers to safeguard the ministry’s equipment, in case of power outages.

Other convoys :
Miles of smiles brought medicine and humantarian relief to Gaza

Al-Barsh stressed that “Miles of Smiles 2” was also distinguished, as it came just after the Israeli war, through prior coordination of our needs, and not by random, or according to cheap prices of certain drugs.

“Miles of smiles” 3 carried medical equipment including scooters for special needs, children incubators, stretchers of various kinds, in addition to a 3rd batch of vehicles for special needs, and missed medicines with total value of about $2 millions.

Then came “Miles of Smiles” 4 responding to a humanitarian appeal launched by Gaza during its acute crisis of drugs, and it included 8 vehicles loaded with various types of medicine and medical supplies, in addition to quantities of missed drugs, and baby milk (G19) for treating newly born babies.

Convoy 5 was followed by convoy 6 that brought to Gaza quantities of 34 items of drugs, besides 43 ambulances, many medical equipment, vehicles for special needs, and quantities of missed drugs, with total value of $1.45 million, and 400 thousand dollars for missed medical supplies.

The “Miles of Smiles 7” included 11 ambulances and carried quantities of medical assistance, beside medical supplies ,30 items of missed drugs, 120 electrical wheelchair, and tens of special vehicles for special needs.

The “ Miles of Smiles 8” carried two tons of medical supplies missing in Gaza Strip, baby milk, and 120 vehicles for special needs.

The value of relief assistance brought by “Miles of Smiles 9” reached $2.7 million for medical equipment, ambulances, and electrical generators for Gaza hospitals.

Then came the convoys 10,11,12,13,14, and 15 also to carry more medical assistance and hundreds of tons of medicines and medical supplies, in addition to electrical vehicles for special needs.

Breaking the siege :

Anwar Attallah, the protocol official in the governmental committee to break the siege, for his part, said that the name of Miles of Smiles was decided as these convoys aimed at drawing a smile on faces of Gaza children under the heinous Israeli siege, and to break the oppressive siege.

He added that “ the convoys of Miles of Smiles played an important role in breaking Gaza siege, and in helping Gaza people who suffered from the criminal Israeli attacks.

Attallah pointed that the convoys of Miles of Smiles started to visit Gaza since 2009, just aftermath the ugly Israeli war that killed 1400 people and resulted in thousands of injured and displaced people.

He also explained that “ Miles of Smiles convoys registered the highest number of visits to Gaza during the last years by organizing 15 convoys , i.e. one convoy in each month.

Message delivery :

He stressed that the variety of coming delegations and convoys to Gaza, through Miles of Smiles, have contributed in raising the awareness on the Palestinian cause and on their suffering under the ongoing Israeli blockade.

He added that “ these convoys unmasked the Israeli lie which claimed that the Gaza Strip is not suffering from and siege or oppression”.

He explained that the health sector, in Gaza, has greatly benefited from the relief assistance brought by “Miles of Smiles” convoys, noting that they delivered hundreds of missing medicines, in addition to medical supplies, and special electrical vehicles for special needs.

He concluded by saying that “ Miles of Smiles” campaign had established more than 12 schools in Gaza, in addition to the biggest aquatic farm at the level of Gaza Strip.

The aid convoy of Miles of smiles 26 has left Gaza Strip yesterday
The humanitarian aid convoy "Miles of Smiles 26" entered to Gaza
Miles of Smiles aid convoy (26) expected to arrive in Gaza today
Miles of Smiles aid campaign renews its call for ending Gaza siege
“Miles of smiles” to support an exhibition on Gaza Photography soon
Mos thanked Egypt for allowing the entry of a solidarity delegation to Gaza
Miles of Smiles provided relief material for displaced refugees in Lebanon
Miles of Smiles convoys appealed for opening Rafah crossing permanently
Dr. Mustafa :140 solidarity activists will participate in MoS convoy soon
Dr.Issam Yousef : 140 solidarity activists to visit Gaza early February

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